About SN

In the Spring of 2009, Station Nation’s goal was simple – provide the online coverage that Saint John’s biggest sports franchise deserved. Today, we feel that we have accomplished that goal and continue to provide in depth articles, stories, and analysis about the Saint John Sea Dogs.

When the site first began, its primary goal was to provide the best pre-game coverage on the web. But – very quickly – it became much more than a before-the-game page.

After taking a few months to take off, Station Nation has become a popular site for Sea Dogs fans and other folks from across the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Currently, the page has over a half-million page visits and over 1,000 followers on both Facebook and Twitter.

Since its inception, SN has been featured on CBC Radio, CTV Atlantic, Yahoo! Sports, and a number of other publications from around the hockey world. It has also been recognized by HockeyProspect.com, Haligonia.ca, SB Nation blogs and several other websites. In 2011, SN's Twitter page was nominated for a Saint John social media award. In 2012, SN was named Saint John's "Coolest Blog" at the annual Salty awards.

If the SN Staff is not chilling inside the cozy confines of Harbour Station, they are sitting at a computer (or any place with free wi-fi) and blogging about the team. Occasionally, the dedicated staff will hit the road, travelling to get in awkward situations with Gilbert Brule, meeting blogging buddies, or even watching some drunken dude pass out in Lewiston.

SN is an independent blog and is not affiliated with the Saint John Sea Dogs hockey club. It is a simply a blog written by passionate fans – for fans.

Jamie Tozer: Writer/Creator
Contact: stationnation@yahoo.ca
Twitter: @station_nation

Cameron MacEachern: QMJHL Writer/Columnist
Twitter: @CarlPeelash

Andrew McGilligan: Writer/Columnist
Contact: andrewmcgill24@hotmail.com
Twitter: @AMcGilligan

Kevin Chambers: Writer
Twitter: @SNCanucklehead

Tim Lumsden: Writer
Twitter: @SNshadowwalker

Marc Henwood: Official photographer
Contact: westwoodphoto@hotmail.com
Twitter: @Henwood47

Q: When was Station Nation started?
A: In the spring of 2009.

Q: Are you affiliated with the Saint John Sea Dogs hockey club?
A: No. We are an independent blog.

Q: Where can I find breaking news?
A: By following us on Twitter.

Q: How do I send in pictures? Can they be added to a Facebook album?
A: E-mail your pictures to stationnation@yahoo.ca. If you would like to be featured on the Station Nation Facebook page, request them to be added in your letter.

Q: How do I contact SN?
A: By checking out our contact page.

Q: Where do your stats/records come from?
A: The majority of our stats come from QMJHL.ca, HockeyDB.com, and EliteProspects.com. Records come from SaintJohnSeaDogs.com, QMJHL.ca, and our personal archives.

Q: Where do your pictures come from?
A: The majority of our pics come from our official photographer, Marc Henwood. Others come from around the internet.