Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bad Times For Dillon Donnelly

As we’ve learned over the past year, things are never boring with the Shawinigan Cataractes.

The latest drama involves damaging the replica Memorial Cup. Cataractes defenseman Dillon Donnelly admitted yesterday on Twitter that he is to blame for the damage.

“Breaking the Memorial Cup was an accident,” tweeted the Colorado Avalanche prospect. “I picked it up lost my balance and dropped it, there was no intention to break it, I'm sorry.”

According to Le Nouvelliste’s Steve Turcotte, Donnelly will have to pay to have the trophy fixed, write an apology to the three Canadian Hockey League commissioners and his teammates, and has been suspended by the team until September 3. Yikes.

The most unfortunate part of this saga is that several members of the championship team will not be able to have their day with the Cup. The Canadian Press reports that it is off to Toronto for repairs.

As Buzzing The Net points out, Vincent Arseneau voiced his displeasure about the damage on his Facebook page. Arseneau was scheduled to have the Memorial Cup on August 6.

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