Monday, July 28, 2014

R.I.P. News 88.9

The day has finally come.

News 88.9 is officially no more. Newcap, whose purchase of the station from Rogers was approved a few months ago by the CRTC, flipped the station to a music format today.

The station is now called Rock 88.9 (“The Rock of Saint John”) and is apparently playing nothing but music for the next 30 days. According to the Telegraph-Journal (paywall), a new studio for the channel will be completed in late August and regular programming will presumably come with it.

Folks on Twitter were noticeably upset and confused over the sudden switch. I’m definitely going to miss some of the local talk shows as well as the programming picked up from The Fan in Toronto. And let us not forgot the legendary John Tesh Radio Show that kept us company before and after many Sea Dogs broadcasts.

The Sea Dogs have been broadcast on News 88.9 for the past eight seasons. The team signed a deal with New Song 96.1 FM a few weeks ago.

A few other things…
  • The New Song FM signal is definitely weaker than News 88.9’s, but it’s way better than having no FM broadcasts at all, obviously. I do feel bad for some of the fans who live outside the Saint John area who could be – depending on their Internet quality – cut off.
  • Just weeks away from the beginning of training camp and the QMJHL pre-season, a couple teams are scrambling to find a head coach.
  • Sea Dogs training camp starts in two weeks. Off-season has gone by pretty quick.


  1. Although I seldom tuned in to the Sea Dogs, I do miss the ability for New Brunswickers to "Talk", even though I was banned & told never to call again. The action was taken by the host who whenever challenged, defended the "Status Quote". I merely defended Fidel Castro & Cuba, in their 50 yr. battle with the most powerful "regime" on earth, to live in Peace & independence.
    It's my guess the Powerful Irving Family had something to do with the loss of "Talk" in NB, others disagree for reasons of their own. Remember TOTT on CFBC, & the infamous "LNG Deal", that robbed the (NB) Taxpayers of about 5 million per year.
    In the news of late I hear a lady saying we should pay more tax, I'm in full agreement but, make it voluntary, give as much as you like, and more!!!
    Remember the old song by Hank Williams, "you win again", ....send it out to the Irving family!

  2. I suppose there will be copious amounts of Nickleback, Pink Floyd, and Metallica (the garbage Metallica....the Black Album and after).
    Nothing new but whatever the cookie cutter rock bands spew out? And ZERO local bands with a ton of talent.
    Look I am trying to be an optimist here.....but it is Saint John. I think the last good station there, was The Pirate. And that got squashed for whatever reason.
    Anyway.....prove me wrong.......PLEASE!!!!

  3. I am sick and tiered of most radio, in fact it is a rule in the house not to have It on while I am around (for the most part) with the exception of News 889.
    I would listen to it as much as possible at work some times coming in early just to turn the radio station to this channel. This event really upset me and has forced me into a situation where I can only listen to CBC or nothing at all.
    I will openly oppose Newcap and will personally boycott anything they touch or have an association with as much as possible. I believe if you have a problem with a company make it heard and hurt as much as possible and this is the way to fight bad change.
    For now perhaps I will just have to find some way else to get actually important news and information.