Thursday, May 19, 2016

Five Seasons Later

It's been five whole seasons since the Sea Dogs made their Memorial Cup debut in Mississauga.

Obviously, a lot has changed since then. Saint John went on to reach the tournament again in 2012 and then went into rebuild mode. They hadn't come close to making the Memorial Cup until this past season where they reached the QMJHL's final four.

We know how Saint John has performed over the past five seasons, but what about the other teams that participated in the 2011 Memorial Cup? Here's a look at how the host Mississauga St. Michael's Majors, OHL champion Owen Sound Attack and WHL champion Kootenay Ice have performed since then.

Saint John Sea Dogs
2011-1250-15-0-3Won championship
2012-1323-44-1-0Lost in round 1
2013-1419-44-2-3Missed playoffs
2014-1532-26-4-6Lost in round 1
2015-1642-20-6-0Lost in round 3

Mississauga St. Michael's Majors/Mississauga Steelheads
2011-1233-28-1-6Lost in round 1
2012-1326-34-0-8Lost in round 1
2013-1424-38-1-5Lost in round 1
2014-1525-40-2-1Missed playoffs
2015-1633-30-2-3Lost in round 1

Owen Sound Attack
2011-1232-29-3-4Lost in round 1
2012-1344-18-1-5Lost in round 2
2013-1431-29-3-5Lost in round 1
2014-1535-24-2-7Lost in round 1
2015-1632-25-8-3Lost in round 1

Kootenay Ice
2011-1236-26-6-4Lost in round 1
2012-1335-35-2-0Lost in round 1
2013-1439-28-2-3Lost in round 2
2014-1537-31-1-3Lost in round 1
2015-1612-53-6-1Missed playoffs

Saint John is the only one of the four to go past round two, which they've done twice since 2011. Owen Sound is the only club that has made the playoffs each year.

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