Monday, September 3, 2012

Busy Night For The CHLPA Twitter

On a Sunday night during the Labour Day long weekend, the CHLPA decided to take to Twitter and post estimated revenue numbers that each Canadian Hockey League team generated during the 2011-12 season.

The CHLPA tweeted several times that the numbers were ticket sales alone and did not include pre-season or playoff sales.

Here’s what they posted for Saint John’s ticket revenue.
Nobody is quite sure how they determined the revenue estimates, but as Luber’s Lounge notes, there seems to be some issues with some estimates. No surprise there. It's hard to say how accurate the PA's estimates are.

Buzzing The Net has ranked all 60 teams and the league averages based on the CHLPA's numbers. The CHLPA has the Calgary Hitmen bringing in the most ticket revenue with $10,485,862 while the Val-d’Or Foreurs are at the bottom with $470,184.

The QMJHL average was $1,748,107.94. The CHL average was $2,719,177.38.

So, the CHLPA says that CHL teams make a lot of money off ticket sales. Cool. But how much profit these teams are making is the big question.

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