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Michael Arace of the Columbus Dispatch had an interesting commentary on Sea Dogs head coach Gerard Gallant last week. Along with discussing his current role in Saint John, Arace writes about his time with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

"You know what? It was a great seven years there for me," Gallant said. "There was pressure, and maybe (the promotion to coach) happened a little earlier than it should have happened, but it was an excellent experience. I learned a lot from Dave King and Doug MacLean about video, preparation, practice plans and the like, and that was huge for a young coach."
One of the more interesting notes comes near the end of the article.

Gallant would like another crack at the NHL, but he is not getting ahead of himself. He is happy as of today, happy enough to have turned down at least two offers from American Hockey League teams. As Bowman can attest, when a coach can be selective about what comes next, he is in a good place.
Kirill Kabanov’s hot play of late put him on The Hockey News’ Hot List on Tuesday. From THN:

Everyone’s favorite junior loose cannon has focused his ammunition at the opposition this spring and the Maineiacs are soaring because of it. Kabanov has posted seven goals and 18 points in 13 games for Lewiston and is looking like the potent offensive force he was once fawned over as.
Buzzing The Net featured Sea Dogs forward Scott Oke in their draft tracker this week. On what scouts say he needs to improve on:

"Probably my physical game. I also have to work on my defensive awareness, there's always room to improve on that. I also see myself becoming a power forward, so I need to get bigger, stronger, learn to finish all my checks. I can produce offensively once I get there."
Oke has four assists in 11 playoff games.

A solid piece on Eric Gelinas, a former Maineiac, appeared in the Lewiston Sun Journal last week before the series started. The New Jersey Devils prospect started his junior career in Lewiston before ending up in Chicoutimi and eventaully Saint John.

"In my position, being a 19-year-old and pretty much in my last year of juniors, being on the No. 1 team in Canada is the best opportunity for a guy like me," Gelinas said. "I was really happy to be traded to Saint John. I enjoy being here."

"The guys, early in the season, they said they wanted to dominate again this year, they want to win it this year, and that's pretty much what we focus on," Gelinas also said. "We want to work toward winning the President's Cup and the Memorial Cup, too."

Some highlights from the first two games of the Sea Dogs’ semifinal series appeared in the QMJHL Plays of the Week.

We’re not sure what to say about this. From Peter McGuire’s column in Tuesday’s Telegraph-Journal:

It would also be nice to see DeSerres show a little enthusiasm when skating through the giant inflatable Sea Dog at the start of the game. It is the QMJHL semifinal after all.
He can only do so much, especially considering the inflatable thing is where his net would be setup.

Via YouTube, Tomas Jurco’s slick move from Game Two that nearly gave the Dogs a goal.

Patrick King gave an update on the state of the Maineiacs last week on Team president and governor Bill Schurman had some interesting things to say.

"Unfortunately, it's kind of like going to a funeral in a way," he said. "It's a bad analogy, but to try to explain it, the ones that are affected the most are the closest -- the family. People come and pay their respects. The ones that are mostly grieving are the family. In our case, it's our loyal fans that are grieving somewhat and worried that we may not be able to survive here because they love us."
Photo Credits: Marc Grandmaison, Marc Henwood/Station Nation

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