Sunday, June 3, 2012

All A Twitter

The Saint John Sea Dogs got much more popular on Twitter over this past season.

In August, we had a post about which current Sea Dogs were the most popular on Twitter in terms of followers. Now it’s June and many players have seen their follower count double or even triple.

Not surprisingly, team captain Jonathan Huberdeau remained the most popular Sea Dog in the Twitterverse. He’s follower count nearly tripped over the season. He was even named the top Tweeter in Saint John at the annual Salty’s social media awards.

Nine players now have over 1,000 followers compared to five in August. One of those nine players is Charlie Coyle who just joined Twitter a few months ago when he became a Sea Dog.

Here’s an updated look at the rankings. Players are ranked in terms of current followers. Only "regular" players are listed so guys like Dylan McGuigan and Jordan Moore are not. It should be noted that some players are newer to Twitter than others. Also, a few players started new accounts mid-season.

Jonathan Huberdeau@JonnyHuby1118,7536,265
Nathan Beaulieu@n8THEggr811,7845,126
Stanislav Galiev@Galixon_975,1451,852
Zack Phillips@zackphillips74,0181,395
Tomas Jurco@Jurky133,7252,159
Charlie Coyle@Charlie_Coyle2,059NA
Ryan Tesink@Sinker191,453660
Danick Gauthier@elcreido181,437502
Stephen MacAulay@smacaulay91,378690
Mathieu Corbeil@mathieutcorbeil915233
Pierre Durepos@Durepos23824328
Aidan Kelly@aidan22kelly751410
Jason Cameron@jcameron_14736305
Oliver Cooper@ocooper17556NA
Ian Saab@iansaab535133
Spencer MacDonald@macd_inthe_v502NA
Charles Roussel@charles_roussel469NA
Jason Seed@Seeder6409NA
Maxime Villemaire@villemaire19370NA
Devon Oliver-Dares@DaresOd333NA

For former player accounts, check out the “Sea Dogs on Twitter” section of our blog. It will be updated soon.

Note: June follower count as of Saturday afternoon.

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