Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Phoenix Begin To Rise Tomorrow

They’ve got a name, a logo, and the renovations to their arena are coming along. But on Wednesday morning, the Sherbrooke Phoenix roster will finally begin to take shape.

The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League will hold an Expansion Draft tomorrow morning beginning at 10am Atlantic. It's the first expansion in the league since 2005 when Saint John and St. John's entered.

Via Even Strength, here are the draft rules.

1. Teams can protect a maximum of 16 players.
2. No restriction on the amount of players, you can protect more than three 20-year-olds and more than one goalie.
3. Euros must be protected or they will be exposed. 
4. You can lose a maximum of two players and no more than one goalie. 
5. Sherbrooke has the option of drafting as many 1992 born euros as they want, but all will go on the special 20-year-old euro list. 
6. Sherbrooke will be allowed to have five 20's in 12/13, four in 13/14 and then three in 14/15.

The protected lists that teams submitted awhile ago will not be made public.

Some interesting tweets today from Matthew Wuest of Metro Halifax referring to Phoenix general manager Patrick Charbonneau.
Should be an interesting morning. All the selections will be shown on the QMJHL website.
Image via Lubie.ca

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