Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Trapezoid Is Gone

The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League is getting rid of the trapezoid.

The league announced today that beginning next season they will no longer have the trapezoid behind the net that limits where a goaltender can play the puck.

The trapezoid has been debated ever since it was put in. The National Hockey League and many other leagues added the trapezoid in 2005-06. Now, most are considering getting rid of it.

The QMJHL Board of Governors also announced today that “a team that has iced the puck shall not be permitted to make any player substitutions prior to the ensuing face-off which will be held in the defensive zone.”

For video review situations, the following situations have been added:

  • A hand pass made to a teammate in the offensive zone immediately before a goal is scored.
  • A puck that was touched over the shoulders and recovered by a teammate immediately before a goal is scored.

The league is also considering organizing combines in the Boston area in 2013. That would be interesting.

And of note, the holiday trading period will end on January 8, 2013 at 1pm Atlantic.

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