Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Trading Period Is Over

The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League’s trading period ended this afternoon. Here’s a recap of what the Sea Dogs did:

December 22nd: traded a 2014 fifth-round pick to Rimouski in exchange for Nicolas Hebert.

The end.

A few thoughts:
  • The Sea Dogs and Halifax Mooseheads each made just one trade each this period, the fewest in the league. Saint John’s lone move was a good one though, acquiring a former first-round pick who just couldn’t find his groove in Rimouski. This change of scenery may help him start to produce more offensively.
  • Saint John did not move their biggest asset – goaltender Sebastien Auger. But at least it looks like the team will have three quality overagers next year with Auger, defenseman Michael Abbott, and forward Stephen Anderson.
  • Can’t help but wonder if there may have been some more tweaking to the roster if the Sea Dogs had a full-time GM in place. Maybe not though.
  • Although the team didn’t make any trades to make them improve right now, I suppose the good news is that the current team is playing much better of late than it was just a month or so ago. They are 4-6-0-0 in their last 10.
  • I know a lot of Sea Dogs fans aren’t happy about the lack of activity from the team over the past two weeks. Vent in the comments section.
  • I still think this team is in decent shape considering they are less than two years removed from a Memorial Cup run. Could it better? Sure. Could it be worse? Yup.
  • Some Quebec tweeters tweeted the other day that 16-year old Mathieu Joseph will remain with the club for the second half. The Dogs were already at the league limit for 16-year olds, so not quite sure what the deal is if these reports are true.
  • Looking ahead to the draft, the Sea Dogs only have one first-round pick this year. It should be a high one.
  • Charlottetown pretty much traded everyone for everyone. Complete overhaul.
  • League standings are kind of crazy right now. There is no 2011 Sea Dogs or 2013 Mooseheads this year.


  1. We need to steal Ch'town's GM.....unbelievable the moves this team made. They are in a much much stronger position to win in 2017 than we are by a country mile. Hats off to Grant Sonier....very impressive.

  2. By not making any major moves, this means the Sea Dogs can gel as a team this year and next and improve in the standings.

  3. Actually, I am more impressed by the GM duo in St-John than by what Sonier did... and believe me, the 16/17 years old group in St-John is much stronger than in PEI. To make trades you need assets you are ready to move... and unfortunately the Dogs don't have that this year. Teams were asking for Noel, Thompson, Chabot, Highmore and Joseph. Some offers were pretty appealing for the short term but they did not want to jeopardize their future and I believe it was the right approach. Anderson was the «most wanted» player (half a dozen teams). Actually they had a deal for him but.... we all know what happened. As for Auger, no team (including Val D'or) was ready to pay. Keep in mind, next season is a Mem Cup year in the Q. Goalies' value will go crazy!!!

  4. Ch'town has best 97 in league with Sprong and few more decend 96/97 players with a ton of great pick coming up in next two year. Well done may compete with us in 2017 but probably stronger in 17/18 season