Monday, October 19, 2015

GAME DAY: 42nd Federal Election

The 42nd Canadian federal election finally comes to an end today, meaning we can all go back to complaining about regular commercials rather than campaign ads.

Sea Dogs president Wayne Long, who has been with the team since before day one, is running for the Liberal party in the Saint John-Rothesay riding. Long faces a tough battle by going up against Conservative Rodney Weston who is seeking reelection. It should be a fun race to follow tonight.

The Telegraph-Journal (paywall) has a good take on the riding today.

Sea Dogs players, although not all are eligible to vote, have backed Long in the past. Here’s what Thomas Chabot tweeted last night.

Be sure to vote today.

Ed. note: please don't view this as some kind of bizarre political message. I don't even live here.

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