Thursday, October 22, 2015

Stadium Journey Reviews Harbour Station

Stadium Journey, a website dedicate to reviewing sports stadiums around the world, released it’s first official review of Harbour Station today.

Overall, Harbour Station was given a 3.9/5 FANFARE score. The score is determined trough rating food and beverage, atmosphere, neighbourhood, fans, access, return on investment and extras.

Not surprisingly, the arena ranked highly in neighbourhood, access, return on investment and extras. The building also got a surprisingly good atmosphere rating when considering how quiet the place is on a typical night.

The major knock, which also doesn’t come as a surprise, came in the food and beverage category. I’d say the 2/5 is being generous.

The entire review with explanations can be found on their website. It’s a very cool site if you’ve never been.

It’s difficult to compare how Harbour Station stacks up to other QMJHL rinks because the reviews are all conducted – for the most part – by different writers and based on one game. You’re probably going to have a much better experience at a rink when it’s packed and rocking than some random September game.

For example, the Moncton Coliseum was given a 4/5 rating, and I think just about everyone, including Wildcats fans, would agree that Harbour Station is a much better building. Scotiabank Centre was given a 4.3/5 rating. Shawinigan’s rink was given the same rating as Harbour Station. The “epicentre of junior hockey,” Budweiser Gardens in London, has a 4.1/5 rating.

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