Friday, December 11, 2015

Tonight's Game Was A Mess

HALIFAX – The second period of tonight’s Sea Dogs-Mooseheads game got wild at 17:54 when 20-year-old Kelly Bent tried to start something with 15-year-old Joe Veleno.

After Jason Bell – who was injured during the mayhem - was unable to get involved in the altercation, Bokondji Imama jumped off the Sea Dogs bench to go after Bent.
RDS has full video of the incident up on their website.

UPDATE: Here is more video from John Moore:

Bent, Imama and Taylor Ford were all tossed from the game. Imama was given two game misconducts and likely won’t be playing for some time, especially considering he is a repeat offender.

If you’re a Sea Dogs fan, you are probably upset at Bent. If you’re a Mooseheads fan, you are probably upset at Imama. It was a bad incident and both sides were in the wrong.

The Mooseheads won the rather weird game, 8-5.

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