Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Veleno continues to score in playoff hockey

Joe Veleno seems to like playoff hockey.

On Sunday in Chicoutimi, Veleno netted his eighth goal of the playoffs. Through 14 games, Veleno sits in a tie for second with Spencer Smallman for the Sea Dogs team lead in goals.
It's not the first time Veleno's playoff goal totals have stood out. Last year, in 17 playoff games as a exceptional rookie, he recorded six goals and an assist.

Veleno's goal-assist ratio in the post-season is interesting given how it contrasts his regular season numbers, where he has been more of an assist-getter than goal scorer.
Veleno's goals per game average in his regular season career: 0.24. In the post-season: 0.45.

No matter how you slice it, 14 goals and three assists in 31 playoff games is quite good for someone his age - remember that this is a guy who turned 17 in January and isn't NHL draft eligible until 2018.

Veleno's development has been interesting to follow over the past couple years mainly because it hasn't been much of a talking point. This is a player who would be the face of many franchises in this league, but on this current Sea Dogs team, he sits in the shadows of the Thomas Chabots and Mathieu Josephs. That's probably a good thing, as the exceptional tag no doubt put some pressure on him.

How Veleno performs next season, where he'll be one of if not the team's top forwards - while in his draft year - will be fun to follow.

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