Wednesday, September 15, 2010


If you weren’t at this past Saturday’s Saint John Sea Dogs home game, you would have missed the launch of the team’s new theme song.

The song entitled “The Sea Dogs Are Ready To Play” was written and performed by country music artist and New Brunswick native Kevin Chase.

“Kevin Chase has been commissioned to write a theme song for the QMJHL Saint John Sea Dogs hockey team,” states Chase’s official website. “Chase, who is an avid hockey fan, was thrilled to be asked.”

“The song ‘The Sea Dogs Are Ready To Play’ will become a big part of the games at Harbour Station in Saint John, NB. A video for the song was recently shot and it will appear on the arena’s new High Definition Screens as a lead up to each home game.”

The song became available on iTunes earlier this week and can be bought for $099. There is a short free preview available on iTunes as well.

According to Chase’s Facebook page, “a portion of the proceeds will go to the Saint John Sea Dogs Foundation.”

The song is certainly modeled after the Moncton Wildcats theme song (and a very catchy one hat) “Wildtown.”

Not your traditional hockey pump-up song, the tune was played as an intro video on Saturday, featuring a split of Sea Dogs highlights and shots of the in-studio recording.

There was next to no fan noise during the video, and it certainly didn’t compare to the “Right Here, Right Now” song played during the President’s Cup Final last season.

Whether or not this video will be played as the one and only intro video all season isn’t really clear.


  1. I tihnk the song is lame or maybe weak is a better term.

  2. perhaps they signed a contract and the song has to be played at least 1 more game before it is changed

  3. i love the seadogs are ready to play song, its amazing