Wednesday, October 20, 2010

VIDEO: 'The Sea Dogs Are Ready To Play'

Some hate it while others love it. Either way, the Saint John Sea Dogs' new theme song has finally made its way onto YouTube:

You should, however, still download the song on iTunes. A portion of the proceeds go to the Saint John Sea Dogs Foundation.

Here are the lyrics via the October 5th edition of the Telegraph-Journal:

The lights are up
The ice is clear
The boys are ready to put it in gear
No holds barred
No, there's no where's to run
You hear a roar when they hit the ice
Yeah man, you're in Saint John tonight
When they get you in a corner
They're gonna take you down
The Sea Dogs are ready to play
They're gonna find you
They're gonna beat you
Out skate you
The Sea Dogs are ready to play
Are you ready
Now it's our time
Man they're on fire
The Sea Dogs are ready to play
2-2 is the score
They have the crowd screaming for more
There's 10 seconds left
It's getting down to the wire
He deke's you left, he deke's you right
Nothing left but open ice
One man left
The one between the pipes
They're on there feet
They're all revved up
From 20 feet out
He winds up
He shoots, he scores
The fans go wild
Repeat Chorus twice
Written by Kevin Chase
Published by Music For The Future
(BMI)/EMI Blackwood Music, Inc. (BMI)

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