Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gallant Fined $500

The MasterCard Memorial Cup Hockey Operations Committee has fined Saint John Sea Dogs head coach Gerard Gallant $500 for his "unprofessional comments" following Saturday night’s contest.

Gallant was quite critical of the officiating in Saturday’s game, a game that his team lost 5-3 to the London Knights.

“I've been complaining all year,” said the Sea Dogs coach when speaking to the media. “I've been in the Quebec league for three years and I've been complaining for three years about us getting the short end of the stick and I'm tired of it. I really am. Tonight it was again, how does Huberdeau get a penalty at the end of the game for four minutes for roughing? I watched that Gauthier. Just give me a break. I'm not taking anything away from London. They were the better team. But I'm so tired of that. That frustration at the end of the game, I don't want to do that. But I'm tired of it.”

Gallant received a bench minor in the final few minutes of the game after arguing with an official over Jonathan Huberdeau receiving a double minor for roughing. The penalties ended any chance of a Saint John comeback. 

Today, the two-time CHL Coach of the Year wasn’t backing down from his comments.

"I don't think I said anything that should get us fined,” he told Yahoo! Sports. “I just said the truth."

Gallant appeared on Sportsnet during the first intermission of Sunday’s London-Shawinigan game but didn’t go to in-depth when discussing officiating.

The Sea Dogs play the Edmonton Oil Kings tomorrow night. Although it’s not an elimination game, an 0-2 hole in this tournament is almost impossible to climb out of.


  1. Worth every penny. So much for integrity of the game. Another stain on the underpants of the Q league. What a joke.

  2. I agree with everything Gerard said and has been trying to fight all year! The officiating is ridiculous against Saint John and I'm not just saying that because I am a Sea Dogs fan. It is incredible that the refs get away with making the calls that they do against the Dogs and not making the calls against the other teams. As far as I am concerned the QMJHL should be embarrassed by the officials that they have calling the games. It is an embarrassment to the sport and the hard work of the Saint John Sea Dogs.

  3. I think for the memorial cup the officials should come from iutside the CHL umbrella. Maybe then the crying will stop when a team gets their asses served to them on a silver platter.