Friday, May 4, 2012

Officials For QMJHL Championship Series

According to the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League website, these are the officials who will be participating in the 2012 President’s Cup final.

Referees: Dominick Bédard, Nicolas Dutil, Jonathan Langille, Mario Maillet, Brad Mills, and Jean-Philippe Sylvain. 
Linesmen: Daniel Béchard, Stefan Capano, Serge Carpentier, Jay Doiron, Mike MacDonnell, and Luc Voyer.

A lot of fans were complaining about the officiating in Game 5 of the semifinals last Saturday at Harbour Station. That game was called by referees Mario Maillet and Jonathan Langille while Justin Burchell and Jay Doiron handled the lines. All of them except for Burchell will be involved with this series.

Game 1 of the QMJHL Championship Series is Friday night at 8pm at the Station.


  1. I had no problem with game 5. I thought they missed the Huberdeau call but that was to our advantage. Other than that they mostly let them play.

  2. Ah numbers 21 & 12, the two best players on any Quebec team playing Saint John this year. If you doubt that then watch the highlights of game five and notice the ref watch and ignore the hit from behind on Villemaire that sent him head first into the boards seconds before the first Galieve goal.
    Yeah, these guys are about as fair and balanced as Fox News.

  3. Friday might actually be a fair game what with it being televised. Count on Mario doing what he can to hobble the dogs on Saturday when big brother isn't watching. Maybe we should change the name of the City to St. Jean during hockey games?

  4. Not to worry, the Seadogs have been playing a lot of five on seven hockey this year. They can handle it.