Monday, May 28, 2012

Shawinigan Wins Memorial Cup; Wikipedia Page Is Then Trolled

The Memorial Cup is staying in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

Anton Zlobin scored at 17:51 of overtime to give the Shawinigan Cataractes a 2-1 victory over the London Knights in the 2012 MasterCard Memorial Cup Championship Final. It is the Cataractes first national title in franchise history.

Zlobin had the other Cataractes goal as well, meaning he is now a legend in Shawinigan. Ryan Rupert had the lone goal for the Ontario Hockey League champions, a team that has a good chance of playing in the 2013 MasterCard Memorial Cup.

Goaltender Gabriel Girard made 35 saves for the win while Michael Houser made the same amount in the loss.

Shawinigan’s win will probably be debated about forever. This is a team that lost in the second round of the playoffs and had a month off before getting in as hosts. But you do have to give them some respect for winning it all after taking the long route through the tie-breaker.

For Sea Dogs fans, it’s tough to see Shawinigan win. This is a team and a franchise we’ve all come to hate over the past year. But at the end of the day, it’s great to see a QMJHL team win the Memorial Cup. It’s great see a team from the Q beat a team from the Centre of the Universe. This is a league that doesn’t get much respect nationally, back now with back-to-back championships maybe that will start to change.

If you’re a Sea Dogs fan and are still upset you can check out the photo after the jump. The Cataractes Wikipedia page got trolled in a big way.

Great spelling of the London Knights there.

And so ends the 2011-12 Canadian Hockey League season. 2012-13 should be an interesting one.

Pic via @linners2984


  1. You mean they CHEATED their way into winning the cup that should`ve stayed with the Sea dogs.

  2. My rebuttal to tonight's game result, as I posted on the winner's Facebook....and I quote...

    ' sure goes to show what running to your friend Jean Chretien can get you, right Shawinigate?

    How he manipulated this Momorial Cup tournament to your unworthy city over a better city like Saint John? How you savage monsters run crying and whining to government when you don't get your way?

    I wonder when you will grow a conscience and surrender your franchise out of the CHL, due to YOUR manipulative behaviour?

    I, on behalf of un-hypocritical hockey fans everywhere, Saint John included, say that we DO NOT congratulate you on your stained Memorial Cup 'win', as it shows to me that those in the province of Quebec can NEVER be trusted to stay on the sidelines and shut the fuck up.

    Cataractes, GO FUCK YOURSELVES 4 LIFE!!!



    Get me now, fuckheads? > 8 - ('

    End quote.

    And, if you all search your souls, you'll know I was right to post that there.

    1. hahahahahhaha. thank you.

      btw, you just embarassed yourself and all of SJ's fans.

    2. No, Guillaume, I told the harsh and brutal truth about how Quebec REALLY conducts itself as a society...and frankly, it's unacceptablly hateful and corrupt. The Province of Quebec cannot and MUST NOT trusted when it hosts events on the biggest stage. NOTHING GOOD EVER TRULY COMES OF IT.

      Search your feelings, young Quebecois Padawan know it to be true.

      > 8 - (

    3. You can say anything you want, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!! GO CAT'S GO!!!

  3. Shawinigan did not deserve to host, this is clear. They may or may not have manipulated the process and the Q may or may not have stacked the cards against Saint John, but those kids have BALLS. They played incredibly so good for them.

    I refuse to be bitter. What's done is done. Congrats to the players on the Shawinigan team. They earned it.

  4. As a Sea Dogs fan, I congratulate the Cataractes. Politics aside, this team played it's balls off to win. The Q still has a national champion, for which, I'm grateful. I'm looking forward to next year and watch somemore enjoyable junior hockey. I hope Coach Gallant is back next year & Go Dogs Go.

  5. The sad thing is that after the worst performance by an official in the history of sport, Nicolas Dutil will be back next season screwing anything that doesn't speak French. I wonder Nick, what was the price tag on your integrity?

    1. I agree that the officiating was crap.If that was the best officials in the CHL,then the NHL officiating is in major trouble.

  6. Even with them playing their so called balls off, they still needed the help of poor officiating in order to move on in the tourny. Crazy thing is, if we hosted this Memorial Cup like we should have!! Rimouski would have played and Shawinigan would never had made the tournament!! Still makes me sick to think how we got screwed out of hosting this thing. We had no chance of winning this from last year when the decision was made to let them host!!

  7. What did you expect? Quebec rational is "if it isn't French then piss on it". They're happy to take our franchise fee just so long as we don't win too much. That, they just can't tolerate. If the Cat's can live with having a big fat asterisk on their cup win, so be it. Now it's apparent why it took them 35 years to get their first one.

  8. Let's see, Baie Commeau threw so much trash on the ice they got a bench minor, then they taunted one of our players as he was carried, injured, off the ice. Shawinigan threw beer on our players. What is it about Quebec fans that makes them such douchebags? Keep, your win cats, you manipulated hard for it. I guess if your can't put together a skilled franchise then you have to do what you must, and you did. You got the cup, the Seadogs have their dignity, I call that a win.

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