Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We'll Always Have Mississauga

Ivan Court’s tenure as Mayor of Saint John is over. Mel Norton defeated him in last night’s election.

Normally we wouldn’t make a post about something like this but Court was in Mississauga last May to watch the Memorial Cup final. As you can see in the photo, he even managed to pop his head into the team photo.

Goodbye, Ivan Court. We’ll always have Mississauga.

Ed. Note: None of the writers of this blog live within an hour of Saint John so don’t take this post as some kid of bizarre political message. 


  1. Good bye and good riddance...

    1. Cheap shot at a true civic leader...14 years of dedicated service counts in my books...Thank you Ivan

    2. Really? Are you a friend, family member or one of those who benefited by Mr. Court’s decisions/undertakings?
      You know, those issue which time after time where made to appease city unions and staff (his biggest supporters in 2008 and who contributed $ 1,000’s and volunteer hours to his 2008).
      All we’ve hear about today are Mr. Court’s vague conspiracy theories about who or what provided financial support to Mr. Norton’s campaign… pathetic
      Suck it up Buttercup, a true disgrace to our community and I will echo the thoughts of the prior post that you objected to ~ “Good bye and good riddance...”

    3. I post my name...I dont hide behind some anonymous moniker...anytime you would like to call me Buttercup to my face I'll be happy to be available.

    4. I think you hurt Buttercup's feeling.

  2. The Memorial Cup was in May. What's up with the poppies?

  3. It is the "Memorial" cup, thus the poppies.