Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Day After

Sportsnet’s Sam Cosentino was on The Pipeline Show last night and discussed the firing of Mike Kelly.

Cosentino explained that he was surprised by the news and didn’t have any guesses on who would be brought in to replace him. Cosentino did say he would not be surprised if it was a younger, inexperienced guy to work with this young team, which would not be surprising.

The interview can be heard HERE around the 9-minute mark.

Some other stuff from yesterday’s announcement:
  • Read Scott Briggs’ article in today’s Telegraph-Journal if you have a chance. Scott McCain and Wayne Long both speak about the decision.
  • CBC News has an article on the firing. The Sea Dogs are all about 2017.
  • TVA Sports' Louis Jean tweets that Gerard Gallant is not leaving the Montreal Canadiens to return to Saint John. Shocker.
  • TVA Sports’ Mikael Lalancette tweets that he would not be surprised if Ross Yates was given the Sea Dogs head coaching job.
  • Sea Dogs president Wayne Long told News 88.9 that the firing is about more than the Sea Dogs’ recent losing streak. “The team obviously has lost eight in a row but it’s not about the wins and losses”, said Long. “We know we’re developing, we know we’re rebuilding but sometimes you need to make change for the sake of making change”.

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