Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Sea Dogs have a new website

Did you know the Saint John Sea Dogs got a new website? Because they did.

The new Sea Dogs website launched last Friday. They were one of the final QMJHL teams to make the conversion to the new format, which all CHL web pages have switched to.

Stadium Digital is the company behind the new sites. Their clients include CFL teams, Soccer Canada, Golf Canada and others.

The new sites are more of a blog format and embedding things like tweets and video seems to be much easier.

Here’s a look at the old Sea Dogs website:
And the new:
The Sea Dogs website hadn’t changed much since the CHL Network first launched in 2010. The conversion to these new sites has certainly gone much smoother than the transition back in 2010, which was gong show.

Here's what the team's website looked like before 2010:
Simpler times, indeed. 

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