Monday, January 28, 2013

Please Change The Goal Song

By Fans Against The Big Bad Wolf

This has been the Sea Dogs goal song at Harbour Station for the past while.

This goal song is terrible (EDIT: maybe that's a little harsh. It's just not a good goal song). We’ve seen nothing but negative feedback about it on Twitter.

Fans cheer when a goal is scored. A goal song should be used to keep that going (note how some NHL goal songs have fans chanting and/or clapping to a beat). Currently, this goal song has fans stopping and wondering what in the world is going on.

Please consider changing it.


  1. Along with most music

  2. Well if anyone has any suggestions for music, please feel free to forward them to the SeaDogs office and not trash it here. It's the type of music suggested to play by the organization and players. The Big Bad Wolf kinda carried over from last year, the players seem to like it but if the fans don't (and this is the first time I've heard of it as I'm not on Twitter) then I'll retire it. People should take action and let staff know instead of just complaining about it in the Twitty Bird world.

  3. I agree. Instead of making a post on here and complaining on Twitter, just email the guy instead of trying to make a story for yourself out of it.

  4. I am indifferent to the goal song and had always assumed the players probably had some say in what they would like to have as a team for their goal song.

    Where I do disagree is with the comments that Twitter and Facebook are not appropriate places to talk about what you like and dont like about games. If the Sea Dogs organization (and anyone who is affiliated with their game day experience) wants to stay current with fans they need to embrace things like Twitter and Facebook. Why have accounts with both of them if you can only post positive feedback and comments? I think fans feeling passionately about the team and its game day experience is a good thing.

    Also I do not think someone voicing a personal opinion on a song choice is a personal attack on the person who happened to choose the song. People should be open to hearing the feedback. They can then take that information and either make some changes or choose not to.

    My comment to all the fans out there on Facebook and/or Twitter is to keep the feedback coming so that other fans can respond to it. It's not to say because one person doesn't like something the whole system should change but the Sea Dogs organization is young and I am sure over time they will grow to know their fans and their likes more and more.

    Go Dogs Go!!!

  5. i love the song,and the players love it as well,my section stomps and claps to it,keep up the great work dave,however if u are considering changing it the song of choice could be dup dup a very popular goal song around the hockey world.

  6. I agree with Lisa

  7. Totally agree with Lisa on the previous post.......put on your big boy pants and don't whine when you get a complaint.

  8. It doesn't bother me but I have heard others at the game express a dislike for it. What ever you choose, some will like it and some won't. I must agree with the above poster that suggests you embrace social media and use it to improve the quality of your organization as best you can.