Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednesday Night Stuff

A few things on this chilly Wednesday night…

  • Like many, I was a little surprised that the Sea Dogs didn’t get a bit more for Ryan Tesink. But, I’m assuming getting their first-round pick back was one of Saint John’s priorities and perhaps this deal was the only one they could work out. Either way, it’s still good value since the Dogs will likely be picking in the top-five of this year’s draft.
  • TVA Sports’ Mikael Lalancette reports that this Tesink deal is final. There will be no compensation for anything next year.
  • The Sea Dogs don’t play the Armada again in the regular season although a first-round playoff matchup is certainly a possibility.
  • Saint John having their first-round pick back definitely makes a season like this one more bearable.
  • With Tesink gone and Jonathan Huberdeau very like gone, the Sea Dogs don’t have any NHL drafted players on their roster.
  • And with Huberdeau very likely going somewhere and Tesink and Kevin Gagne traded, Stephen MacAulay is currently the Sea Dogs leading scoring with 33 points in 33 games.
  • Was pleasantly surprised at how much value the Sea Dogs got for Aidan Kelly. That could prove to be a good trade for both teams.
  • It’ll be weird not seeing any “Kelly” on the Sea Dogs roster for the first time in a long time. The three behind the bench will have to do.
  • Trade deadline is on January 8 at 1pm Atlantic.
  • With so many lineup changes, the Sea Dogs will probably be selling a lot of game day programs over the next few weeks.
  • For those that missed it, News 88.9 reported a few days ago that Michael Mastrangelo, Ryan Kelly, and Jason Seed have all been removed from the Sea Dogs roster.
  • Canada vs USA tomorrow at 5am in the world junior semi-final. Buckle up.

The Sea Dogs are back in action on Friday night in Halifax. They host the PEI Rocket on Saturday night at 7pm at Harbour Station.

Photo: Marc Henwood/Station Nation


  1. I would like to start off by saying great job on this site and I love the overview written above, very informative!! Keep them coming :) With the trade deadline not to far away, has there been any talk about SJ adding some toughness to their lineup? Someone like Thomas or Saab who could put the puck in the net but also protect the more skilled players? I have noticed that this year with the exception of Dickinson who played 2 games, they really don't have anyone to fill that spot, leaving them vulnerable to being pushed around.

  2. "With Tesink gone and Jonathan Huberdeau very like gone, the Sea Dogs don’t have any NHL drafted players on their roster."

    I know he may be traded, but MacAulay was drafted by the Blues!

  3. That's true. Was never signed though.