Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sea Dogs Hope To Host In 2017

SAINT JOHN – Sea Dogs president Wayne Long was on CBC Radio’s Information Morning today where he confirmed what has been speculated for a while.

“I think this team will peak in 2016 when we should win another championship – knock on wood,” Long said when asked about hosting the Memorial Cup. “Obviously it’s all about 2017. We want to host and win the Memorial Cup for Saint John - in Saint John - in 2017.”

The entire interview can be heard on the CBC New Brunswick website.

The OHL’s London Knights will host this year’s Memorial Cup. The QMJHL will host in 2015 and the WHL in 2016. The Sea Dogs have said publicly quite a few times that the CHL will award the 2017 host duties to the QMJHL instead of following the rotation and giving it to the OHL. The OHL would host in 2018, where the 100th champion will be crowned.

The Sea Dogs bid to host the 2012 Memorial Cup but the tournament was, controversially, awarded to Shawinigan.

Photo: Marc Henwood/Station Nation


  1. Hopefully they will actually have a good coach again by then

    1. Ouch! What's wrong with Mike Kelly? He's a great coach! He has a lot of experience and has proved himself already in this club and in others.

      Just because we're rebuilding now doesn't make him less of a coach. Gerald Gallant would of been the same. He just got out while he was on top.

      I don't think Mike Kelly will let us down.

  2. I agree with selling everything off and getting a high draft pick last year. I believe The SeaDogs sped up their rebuild by doing so. I would have like to see them put more faith in some of these new faces that did so well in pre season