Monday, September 7, 2015

QMJHL's Webcasts Still Cray Expensive

In an absolutely shocking development, the QMJHL’s webcast package is once again overly expensive.

Here is what the early bird package will cost you – which includes every regular season game both live and archived.
By comparison, here is what the early bird package of Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE will cost you.
I assume the Q is pricier because, unlike the NHL, NeuLion can’t simply plug the local TV feed into the webcast (because there aren’t many local TV broadcasts in most Q markets). I hope that’s why it’s so much more expensive, at least.

The league is also offering two types of team passes this season – one that includes every regular season game and another that includes just road games. There are early bird pricings available for those as well.

Also, 10, 5 and single game packages are available.

Since NeuLion took over the league’s webcasting from Telus, the video quality has improved quite a bit, in my opinion. There are, however, still feeds that don’t deliver replays (although there is rewind button) and the audio has been a major issue for many fans. There were plenty of games featuring Maritimes based teams that didn’t feature English audio last year – even though there were radio broadcasts. Hopefully the league gets that sorted out.

It’ll also be interesting to see what happens with NeuLion and the QMJHL moving forward with MLB soon taking over the NHL’s webcasts. Times be a changing, friends.

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