Thursday, April 19, 2012

By The Numbers

The following is a statistical comparison of the Sea Dogs and Sagueneens. Their semifinal playoff series begins Friday night at Harbour Station.


Saint JohnChicoutimi
Record50-15-0-3 (1st)35-24-3-6 (8th)
Home Record28-5-0-119-9-2-4
Road Record22-10-0-216-15-1-2
Goals For/Game4.34 (2nd)3.91 (9th)
Goals Against/Game2.62 (2nd)3.37 (7th)
Shots For/Game32.99 (3rd)30.94 (4th)
Shots Against/Game26.6 (6th)29.18 (7th)
Overall PP23.8% (5th)17.8% (16th)
Home PP23.4% (6th)17.2% (17th)
Road PP24.2% (4th)18.4% (13th)
Overall PK81.1% (5th)77.1% (12th)
Home PK84.6% (4th)78.8% (11th)
Road PK78.2% (7th)75.6% (12th)
PIM/GAME16.6 (6th)15.2 (11th)
Attendance4,561 (3rd)2,844 (8th)


Saint JohnChicoutimi
Home Record4-0-0-04-2-0-0
Road Record4-0-0-04-3-0-0
Goals For/Game7.88 (1st)3.24 (9th)
Goals Against/Game2.25 (1st)3.02 (6th)
Shots For/Game39.25 (1st)26.85 (11th)
Shots Against/Game25.13 (1st)31.26 (9th)
Overall PP32.6% (1st)20.8% (11th)
Home PP46.2% (1st)15.4% (12th)
Road PP15% (11th)25.9% (4th)
Overall PK86.5% (1st)83.9% (3rd)
Home PK77.8% (9th)96.2% (2nd)
Road PK94.7% (1st)73.3% (9th)
PIM/GAME18.9 (5th)17.5 (8th)
Attendance4,861 (3rd)3,753 (7th)

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