Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Today's Front Pages

If you’re like us, you’re probably still struggling to comprehend what happened in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League last night. All of sudden the second, third, fourth, and fifth seeded teams have been eliminated from playoff contention.

While there was plenty of excitement in some cities, there was a lot of disappointment in others. Above is the cover of the Shawinigan Le Nouvelliste this morning who won’t be seeing their team for a month. Here’s what some of the other front pages looked like this morning.

Mooseheads captain Cameron Critchlow scored four goals last night and appears on the top of Metro Halifax.

Le Soleil in Quebec City squeezed in a shot of Patrick Roy.

And Le Quotidien in Chicoutimi.


  1. Here's hoping that Shawinigan (who has now been beaten once during the playoffs) will miraculously end up in the finals against the Sea Dogs for the Memorial Cup. That way we can defeat them for a second time, and lay rest to any questions around who is the best team in the Q, and in the country.

    - Sea Dogs supporter

    1. Shawinigan will not make it to the finals of the Mem Cup.. they may be lucky to win a game... a month is a long time to be off.

      Dogs are the best!

    2. The year Halifax hosted the Memorial Cup they lost in the first round of the playoffs, fired their coach immediately after, and ended up losing in the semis.

      Shawnis success will depend on how the coaching staff handles the month off.

  2. I think it looks good on the Commissioner and Shawinigan, they thought that just because they are the host city that all of the teams in the Q would lay down and let them win it all, I am surprised they haven't asked the Commissioner to over turn the decision and award them the win

  3. I think the Q picked the team they thought was the strongest in the league and had the best chance to win it all as host. They forgot that you can't just collect a bunch of good players for a year and away you go (Moncton anyone?). They also forgot that most of our team was intact from last years win. They also forgot that every team in the league has more heart and more of a right to host then Shawinigan. And now they will be the laughing stock of the CHL even after we repeat and try to bring some honour back to our league.

  4. Way to bet the farm on Gormley, what a joke....................GO DOGS!!!!!!!!