Thursday, January 7, 2010


In year one, the Sea Dogs began to build for the years to come.

In year two, they scrapped the plans from the first year and started over thanks to Jacques Beaulieu.

In year three the Dogs were ready for a playoff run but didn’t add any impact players because they were building for the big one, a Memorial Cup run in 2008-09.

The fourth year of Sea Dogs hockey was a big bust as they failed to add impact players at the entry draft. In the end, the team traded star players to build, once again, for next season.

Here we are in year five. The Sea Dogs are the best team in the QMJHL, they’re fresh off a 22-game winning streak, have added an experienced goalie, and are ready for a what Sea Dogs fans have longed to hear, “we’re making a run at it.”

Everybody in the QMJHL knew that the Sea Dogs were a minor offensive tweak and a big hulking defenseman shy of junior hockey dominance. Instead of acquiring these players today, they sat back, watched, and now wait for 2012.

Although it’s not clear that the Sea Dogs decided not to buy because of their hopes of hosting the 2012 MasterCard Memorial Cup, the Sea Dogs organization has been vocal that they are already preparing to host tournament. Details on why they stood back should be released tomorrow in the Telegraph-Journal.

As of right now, all fingerss are being pointed at Sea Dogs director of hockey operations Mike Kelly. Any fan can understand the reasoning for not trading the likes of Jonathan Huberdeau and Zach Phillips, but other trades have caused confusion.

The Dogs acquired Christian Morn in a lateral deal and experienced goaltender Marco Cousineau. The Cousineau trade is now a mind bender, as the Dogs wanted a goalie with lots of playoff experience for a long run in the Spring time. But are the Dogs serious about making a run at the league title after today?

"We don't have a lot of youth we're willing to part with,'' Kelly said to the Telegraph-Journal on December 17. "If it's draft picks (teams want) or something of that nature, then it's easier. We're not being kept awake at night hoping and wishing for a trade. We've got good players and we're really happy with our players.''

Saint John absolutely dominated the first half of the season and have a 13 point lead in the Atlantic division. But now, Moncton and Cape Breton have loaded up and, on paper, appear to be better then the Sea Dogs. In order to avoid the two in the first round of the playoffs the Dogs have to win the division which has been Saint John’s goal all season long.

Fans have a lot of faith in this years team but have a right to be disappointed after the final piece was not added today.

But as it looks right now, Sea Dogs fans must sit back and do what they do best – wait.


  1. I'm sure the management team was actively looking for a good fit for the 'Dogs but sometimes the cost is too prohibitive. All of a sudden the 'Dogs are on the outside looking in because the Cats and Eagles added some names at through the trade venue.
    I like the look of this team and I believe they will compete deep into the playoffs and could win this league championship with the current roster.
    The tone of this article is very pessimistic and I think you'd be better served looking at the glaas as half full instead of the gloomy forecast you want to imply

  2. Simply a first impression of what happened yesterday.