Friday, February 10, 2012

BREAKING: Two Points Are Gone

Well, the verdict is in – and it’s not good from a Saint John standpoint.

The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League rendered its decision today on player eligibility for the January 4th game. The commissioner ruled that in accordance with article 3.05 d), of the League’s administrative rules, the Sea Dogs’ win, as well as the two standing points that were attached, are awarded to the Gatineau Olympiques and all individual player stats remain. 
“Any member team of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League must respect the rules, norms and procedures of the League. Their breach must be sanctioned even if it is an administrative error committed in good faith” said the Commissioner.

Wow. We’ll have more later. 


  1. just a ploy by Gatineau to make sure they got the points no matter what!

  2. More incentive for the Sea Dogs to work harder! Technicalities don't make Gatineau a better team, the best teams win on the ice !

  3. The Sea Dogs are on a mission to duplicate last years results. Bad enough the league prevented the Port City from hosting the Memorial cup this year, now they take away points. Now, you the LHJMQ, have unleished a Monster which will win the cups again. If the league dislikes the Maritimes, watch out, because Halifax and Bathurst are the next ones in line