Monday, February 13, 2012

On Friday, It's Citadelles vs Maple Leafs?

Something we’ve learned over the years is that whenever the Sea Dogs are broadcast on national television, some bizarre things may will happen.

It’s Monday, and we already have one bizarre thing ahead of Friday's game. @MatthewABuckley tweeted us the above picture of the program description for Friday night’s game. Hey, at least they got one city right.

We’ve checked with Rogers and they have the same description. (UPDATE: According to Josh from the Canadian Sports Media Blog, Shaw Direct's guide is correct) 

Embarrassing. How does this even happen? Both these teams have been gone for like 10 years. Also, as much fun as it is to job Sportsnet, we're not really sure if they are to blame for these guide issues. 

For those unaware, the Sea Dogs will host the Quebec Remparts at 8pm on Friday at Harbour Station in a game that will air nationally on Sportsnet’s Friday Night Hockey. Tickets are still available. 


  1. Same on Aliant's FibreOP guide.

  2. When you hit info the discription should say something of how young this team is, lead by the captain hoobadoo and their starting goalie Garld Gallant. Sportsnet is such a joke. Clearly it is only TSN rejects working for them :)