Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scott McCain Is Not Happy

Peter McGuire had a big time column in today’s Telegraph-Journal regarding the Maxime Villemaire player card situation. In it, Sea Dogs CEO and majority owner Scott McCain shared his thoughts on the whole thing.

“I’m very upset at the ruling,” said Sea Dogs majority owner Scott McCain. “I understand the ruling and I understand we have to have our paperwork done on time but there were other ways it could have been handled.”

McCain also voiced his displeasure about the Gatineau Olympiques, the team that filed the complaint and took the two points away from Saint John.

“What really upsets me is the Gatineau organization,” he said. “I thought there was supposed to be some sort of honour among teams. If they feel they have to stoop that low to pick up two points, then they can have them. What’s it say about an organization that would take two points for something like that? If I see the Gatineau owner, I’ll tell him, ‘You got your two points, I hope you’re happy.’”

Nothing like some love on Valentine’s Day.

In related news, Saint John and Drummondville have been fined $500 because “players remained on the ice at the end of the warm-up.” Ian Saab has also been suspended for one-game because of his instigator penalty in the final five minutes of Sunday’s game.

So, in the past week, Saint John has been fined, stripped of two points, and have had Saab and Jason Cameron both suspended. All of this in the middle of a nine-game winning streak. What a bizarre week. 


  1. Full marks to Ian Saab for standing up for a team mate even though it means he gets suspended & misses a chance to be on the national broadcast Friday night. That sort of "all for one & one for all" is what's going to win us another Memorial Cup this year!

  2. Saab is suspended against PEI. He will play Friday.

  3. Way to go Scott for telling it like it is! I hope we have the great fortune of facing Gatineau in the playoffs and showing them on the ice what they can do with those two regular season points! I just hope we can hold onto first overall in the Q so we have home-ice advantage during the playoffs.