Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Maritime Rules

By Andrew McGilligan
SN Staff

I’m not going to pretend I know why the QMJHL and commissioner Gilles Courteau took two points away from the Sea Dogs in the Maxime Villemaire saga.

I don’t know exactly what happened, how it was reported to the league or how Gatineau found out. What I do know is the league didn’t handle the situation well, unless you’re the Shawinigan Cataractes then it seems fair.

With this in mind, here are some other penalties which could be levied against teams in the QMJHL.

Let’s call this addition to the rule book the Maritime Chapter:

Halifax Mooseheads: This team should have to forfeit one point from every win when Nathan MacKinnon scores to the Baie-Comeau Drakkar.

Acadie-Bathurst Titan: Should be fined for ridiculous comments. This can also be referred to as penalty for Leo-Guy Morissette opening his mouth. When you’re running your own franchise into the ground and alienating an entire region of a province, you shouldn’t be lobbing insults at successful teams. The penalty for this should be one season under a different owner.
(In all seriousness, I was among the many people happy to hear the team would be staying in Bathurst for the foreseeable future.)

Moncton Wildcats: The Hub City squad will have to sit out one of its starting defenceman for every game Brandon Gormley misses or donate one-point from every win it amasses while Gormley is on the shelf to the Shawinigan Cataractes. This can also be called the ‘Helping Shawinigan Rule.’

Well there you have it, a starting point for the league’s new rules. They’re not fair, but that’s not the intention.


  1. Stop whining. The Halifax thing was kinda funny. The Bathurst thing was your uneducated opinion. The Shawinagan comments, are ridiculous jealous comments, as you seem still upset they got awarded the Memorial Cup.

    The two points were taken away because Saint John played with an illegal player. Sign your players to their cards, or contracts, or whatever they call them now, before they actually play, and you will have no problems.

  2. Andrew is not whining at all, he is just giving an opinion and if you find it offensive then stop reading his column. I know for one that I found it pretty amusing a good read. So what if we didnt get the memorial cup this year? There is always 2015 or how about we win it in Shawinigan and prove to the league that they got the venue wrong and we should have won it in our home barn.

    And as for Saint John having an illegal player, they actually called Villemaire the next day to come to hs to sign his card before he left town to go back home. From what i heard and understand a lot of players that get traded are not aware that they have to sign another player card with the team that they get traded too and there card will still be good but the truth is once you are traded to a team that has 50 players protected like the dogs did they have to release a player from that list in order to sign Villemaire to the player card. But the guys knew that the did something wrong and i am sure you wont hear or see this happen again in SJ.