Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fan Files Complaint Against Bourret

Former Sea Dogs defenseman Gabriel Bourret is in some hot water.

According to reports, Bourret, who won the 2011 Memorial Cup with Saint John, was involved in an incident with a fan during the Gatineau Olympiques’ 8-2 loss in Rouyn-Noranda on Saturday night.

According to La Frontiere newspaper in Rouyn-Noranda, a fan at the game has filed a complaint to the Surete du Quebec police alleging that Bourret hit him with his stick. 
Reports indicate Bourret threw a water bottle into the stands from the penalty box after being called for a cross-checking penalty. 
At that point, a fan approached the 20-year-old, who reportedly swung his stick at the patron between a gap in the protective glass in the penalty box. 
Bourret was not ejected from the game for either incident. The league will reportedly hold a hearing on Monday.


Bourret was a sixth-round pick of the Sea Dogs in 2009. He helped the team win a national title in 2011, recording 33 points in 63 regular season games and another three in 19 playoff matches. Saint John traded him to Chicoutimi at the 2011 QMJHL Entry Draft.

Photo: Marc Henwood/Station Nation


  1. That's hilarious. A few years ago Kevin Defosses swung a stick and hit a fan in Saint John. Multiple complaints were lodged with the league but they refused to take action on it. Guess if it doesn't happen in the Maritimes it doesn't exist.

  2. So, buddy decides to go to the penalty box, where Bourret is and I am sure he did not just stand there. I'm sure he was trash talking him and being very unsportmanly. Just because he wasn't playing hockey and was there as a spectator does not give him the right to harrass the players. They are kids, for goodness sake. The majority of them aren't even out of their teens! So this man takes it upon himself to make a fool of himself and trash talk a child, which I'm sure if it was his child in the box, he wouldn't appreciate it very much. Anyway, and then he files a complaint when he allegely gets hit with a stick. I double that Bourret took a swing at him so I am curious what the so called gentleman was doing so close to the penalty box in the first place. Sounds like a bad spectator and maybe one that should stay in his seat and watch the game and cheer for the players like the rest of the actual fans do. I met Bourret when he played for the Sea Dogs and even when he came to Saint John after he was traded he was always very polite and would stay after the games to see the fans and sign autographs. He is a wonderful young man and a great rold model for the kids coming up in hockey.

  3. Sorry, great role model, not rold model.

  4. Just because you're good at a game doesn't make you a role model. Character does. And if he did in fact strike anyone with a stick then the character is lacking. We must stop idolizing people just because thay can win a game. It's a ridiculous standard as hiistory shows that some of the biggest pricks of all time were great athelets.