Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who Are Twitter's Top Sea Dogs?

In the world of Twitter, who are the most popular members of the Saint John Sea Dogs?

Inspired by Wuest’s post over at Metro Halifax, here is a nifty chart showing how many followers each member of the team has. Note that not every player is currently on the social networking site.

Jonathan Huberdeau @JonnyHuby11 6,265
Nathan Beaulieu @n8THEggr8 5,126
Tomas Jurco @Jurky13 2,159
Stanislav Galiev @Galixon_97 1,852
Zack Phillips @zackphillips7 1,395
Stephen MacAulay @smacaulay9 690
Ryan Tesink @Sinker19 660
Danick Gauthier @elcreido18 502
Aidan Kelly @aidankelly93 410
David Kelly @SeaDogsDK 329
Pierre Durepos @Durepos23 328
Jason Cameron @jcameron_14 305
Steven Anthony @StAnthony16 287
Mathieu Corbeil @mathieucorbeil 233
Ian Saab @saaber_4 133
Alexandre Beauregard @AlexBo125 111
Scott Oke @Okester15 14

The results aren’t that surprising as most of the NHL drafted players - who have another fan base following them - are near the top.

We left off Mike Thomas, Michael Kirkpatrick and Simon Despres for obvious reasons. You can still follow them on Twitter though, and you can find their info – along with other former Sea Dogs – on our ‘Sea Dogs on Twitter’ page.

If a player or member of the coaching/training staff has been missed, drop us a line in the comments section.

Note – Results are from this afternoon.

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