Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Busy Night On The NHL Pre-Season Schedule

After a light opening night schedule, the National Hockey League’s pre-season gets into full swing this evening with 11 games set to be played.

Here is the full schedule (all times Atlantic):
Winnipeg vs Columbus – 8pm
Nashville vs Washington (in Baltimore) – 8pm
Philadelphia vs Toronto – 8pm
Dallas vs Montreal – 8:30pm
Tampa Bay vs St. Louis – 9pm
Columbus vs Winnipeg – 9:30pm
Vancouver vs Calgary – 10pm
Chicago vs Edmonton (in Saskatoon) – 10pm
Minnesota vs Edmonton – 10pm
Phoenix vs Anaheim – 11pm
Calgary vs Vancouver – 11pm
Winnipeg, Columbus, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton have all spilt their squads in half in order to play two games tonight.

According to the Canucks website, Yann Sauve will play in the game vs Calgary and will be paired with Ryan Parent. Steven Anthony will play on a line with Alex Friesen and Alexandre Grenier in the contest played in Calgary.

Tonight at some arena in Baltimore, Stanislav Galiev and the Washington Capitals take on the Nashville Predators. The Predators played Jonathan Huberdeau and the Florida Panthers yesterday.

“Game time,” the Russian forward tweeted. “First pre-season NHL game for me tonight.

According to the Washington Times, the ice is a complete joke.

Nathan Beaulieu will not be in the lineup for the Canadiens tonight when they host the Dallas Stars. He pulled off a pretty snazzy spin move at Montreal camp this week (43 seconds in):

Per the Blues website, Ryan Tesink and Stephen MacAulay won’t be hitting the ice tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Also, it doesn’t look like Mathieu Corbeil will play in either of the Blue Jackets games tonight.

Zack Phillips will not be in the lineup for the Minnesota Wild tonight, either.

If you're interested, some of these games will be streamed on team websites. Several teams are stuck in 1995 and will only have a radio feed. 

Photo Credit: Marc Henwood/Station Nation

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