Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sunday Home Games Starting At 3pm

The Saint John Sea Dogs officially made it official today – all Sunday home games will start at 3pm this season.

“We’ve lobbied the league for three years to get an earlier start time for our Sunday games,” team president Wayne Long said in a release. “This will allow families to get home earlier, or to take advantage of one of the many great uptown restaurants after the game.”

For the past six seasons, all Sunday games have started at 4pm on Sunday afternoons. Most teams around the league start their games at 4pm local time as well.

It looked as though the Dogs were going to play 3pm Sunday games last year at Harbour Station. When they released their initial schedule for the regular season, the new start time had been added.

But the time change was dependent upon league approval and eventually got shot down.  Long told SN in an email last year that if the visiting team was more than 300 km away the night before they had to agree on the time adjustment.

Last year, the Sea Dogs could have had some – but not all – of their Sunday games start an hour earlier. The Port City club did want to have – and understandably so – some games start at 3pm and others at 4pm.

It will be interesting to see if the new start time has any kind of boost in attendance for Sunday home games.

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  1. Indeed it will, now I can go to the game and still play in my beer league after :)