Monday, December 10, 2012

The Aftermath

Well, yesterday was interesting.

First of all, Jay Doiron, the linesman who was injured in his fall to the ice, tweeted that he “popped a knee out a socket.” He also tweeted this picture.
Doiron took an awkward fall when trying to separate Jonathan Huberdeau from some rough stuff. He crawled into the penalty box and eventually headed across the ice and down the Sea Dogs tunnel. Get well soon.

Views differ on yesterday’s incident – just check out the comments on the SeaDogsTV highlight video. Some believe Doiron simply slipped and Huberdeau should not be sanctioned while others believe he was pushed down to the ice by the Sea Dogs captain. Either way, it wasn’t a pleasant sight and it wasn’t the way anybody expected Huberdeau’s Sea Dogs playing career to end (it’s likely over, anyway).

Huberdeau received a misconduct for “abuse of officials” along with four other infractions on the play. Here’s what the QMJHL game sheet reads:

3 - SNB Jonathan Huberdeau, 15:38 - High-sticking, (1.26) (PP)
3 - SNB Jonathan Huberdeau, 15:38 - Instigator, (1.4) (PP)
3 - SNB Jonathan Huberdeau, 15:38 - Fighting, (2.2)
3 - SNB Jonathan Huberdeau, 15:38 - Abuse of officials - Misconduct, (3.91)
3 - SNB Jonathan Huberdeau, 15:38 - Instigator of a fight in final 5 minutes of regulation time, or anytime of the overtime - Game Misconduct, (4.4 )

We should find out soon what kind of suspension the Florida Panthers prospect will be given.

Huberdeau’s fight with MacKenzie Weegar was just the fourth of his QMJHL career, according to He also dropped the gloves with Halifax’s Martin Frk earlier this season in a game at Harbour Station.

This incident is getting plenty of attention today with World Junior camp beginning this week. Some links worth checking out:

  • Buzzing The Net: Good read on the incident and whether or not this will impact Huberdeau at Team Canada camp.
  • Backhand Shelf: a look at what the QMJHL rule book says about this kind of stuff
  • Steve Turcotte asks what kind of, if any, suspension Huberdeau should get.
  • Their headline is “Huberdeau violent in loss vs Mooseheads.” At the time of this writing, 60% of voters said Huberdeau should be suspended.

This is the second time this season a Sea Dogs player has been involved in altercation with an official. Michael Mastrangelo was suspended for three games following an incident a few weeks back.

Lastly, a “stay classy” shout to the “fans” who booed Doiron as he was being helped off the ice.


  1. I agree with the "Stay Classy". Agree or disagree on what happened but dont boo for anyone injured. He was clearly in pain. If it was done to show support for Huberdeau I can almost guarantee he wouldnt have approved.

  2. Very classless group of mouth breathers embarrasing the real hockey fans at the Station by booing linesman Jay Doiron as he left the ice for medical assistance..the man was writhing in pain less than a minute earlier and this is the way we show our respect for hard working ockey emabarrased !!

  3. Not saying the boing is right.. but if you were at the same game I was, it was clear that the officials had Mr Magoo lenses and called the game biased towards Halifax. So yes, the fans were frustrated and yes the boos were somewhat justifyable.

    1. Seriously! I was at the same game and the officials did a pretty good job.
      How can you say that the boos were somewhat justifiable!
      It's childish to say that...Mr. Doiron was hurt and did not deserve to get boooed at...

  4. Booing the other team when they score is also very un sportman too... I find the kids are the worst. There were a lot of kids hockey teams in the stands this day. maybe they should learn some sportsmanship

  5. I think people need to rememeber these are just kids out there and no one should be booed when they are hurt regardless if it is a player or an official. Not very sportsmen like