Monday, November 9, 2009


Thumbs Up to...
  • the Sea Dogs who keep on rolling along. Make it 11 straight games!
  • Fleaburn again this week. The mascot is nothing less of insane and has to be among the best in the Canadian Hockey League. Splash who?
  • the Dogs for finally getting some autograph sessions set up around Saint John.
  • Benjamin Lecomte for showing up his former team this past weekend. Nice!
  • the nice job by the Sea Dogs on "Support our Troops Day" yesterday at Harbour Station. The banner at the end was very nice touch.
  • Sea Dogs Styles who got some cool new products in this past week which includes stuffed Fleaburn dolls and pennants. Still no 5th anniversary puck?
  • a small newspaper called the "Hebdo Rive Nord" for calling the QMJHL the "Courteau circuit." Classic stuff!
  • the Halifax Mooseheads for wearing some sweet jerseys on Troops day at the Metro Centre.
  • Karel St. Laurent who's mask will be placed in the Hockey Hall of Fame this week. His new mask is just as sweet!
  • the new NHL scoreboard on the video screen.

Thumbs Down to...

  • for once it wasn't the Sea Dogs fault and if you don't believe them ask them. The Dogs posted on their Twitter page that the Telegraph-Journal put in the wrong ad, saying that there was a game on Friday night.
  • the Sea Dogs Wikipedia page. It's fixed know but we don't miss anything here. The page still does not have stats from last season however.
  • all the people criticizing the QMJHL teams for getting the H1N1 shot. If you were offered the shot, wouldn't you take it.
  • the attendance. That's all I'm going to say.
  • the Sea Dogs special units. The power play really makes no sense at all.
  • the Saturday intermissions. No Timbits on Saturday night!
  • the Huskies medical staff. A player was hurt and bent over and piratically begging for help and the trainer just stood there and watched him go down tunnel!? I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

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