Monday, November 23, 2009


Thumbs up to...
  • the Sea Dogs again this week as they go 2-0 on a tough road trip.
  • the 15 game winning streak. The streak matches the amount of wins Saint John had in 2005-06.
  • Mike Hoffman and Nicholas Petersen who were difference makers when they were called upon this week.
  • Fleaburn who is now on Facebook! He is also a fan of Station Nation. Sweet!
  • the QMJHL schedule. It's rare I like the schedule but this weekend promises to be one of the best. Do not miss it!
  • the game on Friday in Drummondville. Junior hockey at its best with the rematch Friday at Harbour Station.
  • the Sea Dogs in ad in the Telegraph-Journal last week featuring a player and cast member from "The Nutcracker." Very clever.
  • Mathieu Gingras who had a strong for the Maineiacs against his former team.
  • former Sea Dog Brett Gallant who got the call to the AHL last week.
  • the three Sea Dogs who were represented in the Subway Super Series.

Thumbs down to...

  • the QMJHL website. After placing the CHL Top 10 on their site all year, they dis the rankings just in time for Saint John to be placed in the two spot. What a surprise.
  • the Telegraph-Journal for not sending a reporter with the team in the midst of the biggest road game of the season. Not good.
  • Rob Faulds of Rogers Sportsnet who got the call during the Subway Super Series. Just because they have a French last name doesn't mean you have to use a French accent!
  • Karel St. Laurent who let in four goals on 20 shots in Lewiston. He has had his struggles this season and seems to enjoy playing the puck more than stopping it.
  • the camera guy in Lewiston. Reports say there was no webcast on Sunday due to the fact the camera operator was a no show. Oh Lewiston!
  • Rogers Sportsnet for not broadcasting game three of the Subway Super Series live. The world doesn't need Thursday night football.

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