Monday, November 30, 2009


Thumbs up to...
  • to the Dogs who are on a 17 game winning streak.
  • to the big boys. Nicholas Petersen and Mike Hoffman get the points while Marc-Antoine Gelinas makes the saves in this weekend's wins.
  • to multicultural day at Harbour Station. Saint John isn't the most diverse city but the show seemed to go on without a hitch.
  • to the city of Saint John and surrounding area who supported their Sea Dogs this weekend. Great to see and it's about time!
  • Patrick Roy who put on a good show as always!
  • the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles who have posted video of the Eagles/Titan warm-up fight. See thumbs down for more.
  • what looks to be a very interesting and exciting trade period.
  • Mike Thomas who played his heart out and then some this weekend. He had to almost be carried off after scoring his empty net goal on Friday night. (Pictured)

Thumbs down to...

  • the QMJHL website for having star Rempart Mikhail Stefanovich who isn't listed on the team's roster. Very strange.
  • to Mayor Ivan Court who kept blocking my view on Sunday! Get to your set on time Mr. Mayor!
  • the Sea Dogs for not having the Sea Dogs logo tarp over the east end entrance. It found its way back up before the game on Sunday.
  • the tricycle race intermission event. It's lame and never works.
  • the Voltigeurs who dropped three straight on a road trip through Atlantic Canada.
  • le Journal de Quebec reporter Gilles Moffit who just stopped writing after the second period. Hopefully he's not unconscious and still sitting in press box.
  • the warm-up scuffle in Cape Breton between the Eagles and Titan.


  1. In reference to the pre-game fight between the Eagles and the Titan, I'd give a thumbs-up to the Eagles' self-policing, for pulling Ashton Bernard off Worden as soon as they realized Worden was no longer defending himself.