Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Changes To Harbour Station Concessions?

SAINT JOHN – If this new signage is accurate, there appears to be some changes coming to Harbour Station concessions.

Above is the new signage for the pizza concession located beside Tim Hortons. Below is what is placed above the main concession stands.
I honestly haven’t purchased anything at a Harbour Station concession stand in years, so maybe some of theses changes had already happened. And before complaining about the prices, remember that these are standard prices for just about every entertainment venue anywhere.

Also, what ever happened to Rock Dogs (a.k.a. corndogs)?


  1. If the food is decent, those prices don't even bother me. It costs about 30 bucks to take my daughter to a toonie movie, so this seems about right.

  2. None of these are new as hamburgers were added last year. New signs look great though. I imagine rockdogs disappeared since they rarely sold.